Latest results from the lab
Mitochondrial are key integrators of cellular calcium signaling and energy metabolism. Early studies demonstrated that isolated mitochondria could buffer huge amounts of calcium via a highly selective channel called the "uniporter". Through collaborations with Vamsi Mootha of MGH and Yao Cong of NCPSS, we characterized, using a combination of NMR and EM, the architecture of the pore-forming region of the mitochondrial calcium uniporter (MCU), which showed an intriguing double-ring ion selectivity filter. The study is published in Nature, 533(7602):269-73 (2016).
Fas/CD95 is an apoptosis-inducing death receptor. Fu et al. determined the transmembrane domain structure of Fas and showed that the trimer assembly, which is mediated by a proline-containing motif, is essential for Fas signaling. The study is published in Fu et al, Molecular Cell. 2016, 61(4):602-13.
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